UFW basic command snippets

September 8, 2016

UFW(uncomplicated firewall) is the simple easy firewall to manage and protect your server. Few command snippets to manage it.

  • View configured rules in ufw: It’ll list all the allowed/rejected rules for ufw.
    • sudo ufw status
    • It might show Status: inactive. You need to enable ufw to view rules.
  • View firewall added rules, while firewall is in in-active state or is not-enabled.
    • ufw show added
  • Add a rule to firewall: It will allow the connection to machine given on specific port(here 7865).
    • sudo ufw allow 7865/tcp
    • sudo ufw allow 22/tcp
  • Enable Ufw: By default ufw will be started on your machine, but ufw itself will not be in enabled state.
    • To enable it: sudo ufw enable

Remember to enable incoming ssh connection to machine, else you'll not be able to login to machine.

  • Reject all connections to machine: It will implicitly reject all the connection, that are not allowed by the firewall.
    • sudo ufw default reject incoming
  • To allow all outgoing connections.
    • sudo ufw default allow outgoing


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