Some geometry concepts.

November 1, 2017

Some basic questions in geometry.

  • What is straight line ?
    • It looks complicated but all the heavy words are explained below
    • It’s just a curve, when it’s tangent vector stay tangent when parallely transported along the curve.
  • What is curve ?
    • Object similar to a line but that need not be straight.
    • Thus, a curve is a generalization of a line.
  • What is parallel transported ?
    • It means transferring things parallel, here moving vector together, working things in parallel or transposing parallely
  • What is vector ?
    • In physics and geometry, (Euclidean vector or a direction vector), used to represent physical quantities that have both magnitude and direction.
  • What is tangent vector ?
    • Any vector that is tangent to curve is tangent vector.
  • What is tangent to curve ?
    • Tangent vector to curve is the line that touch it only at one point.

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