DiG basic commands snippets

October 16, 2017

dig is basic command to fetch details from to nameservers

  • Basic example: dig redhat.com
    • dig output has following section
      • Header: It has basic details like dig version and metadata about response.
      • Question section: It has the query we’ve asked for.
      • Answer section: Response given by the nameservers.
      • Authority section: It has the nameservers for the domains
      • Additional section: It lists the IP’s of nameservers.
  • To fetch the shortned version of dig’s output
    • dig redhat.com +noall +answer +question
      • +noall : will not show any output
      • +answer : will show answer section
      • +question : will show question section
    • dig redhat.com +short
  • List the MX record for the domain.
    • dig redhat.com MX +noall +answer +question
  • List NS records for any domain.
    • dig redhat.com NS +noall +answer +question
  • Resolve a domain record.
    • dig www.redhat.com +noall +answer +question
      $ > dig www.redhat.com +noall +answer +question
      ; <<>> DiG 9.8.3-P1 <<>> www.redhat.com +noall +answer +question
      ;; global options: +cmd
      ;www.redhat.com.			IN	A
      www.redhat.com.		3600	IN	CNAME	ds-www.redhat.com.edgekey.net.
      ds-www.redhat.com.edgekey.net. 13481 IN	CNAME	ds-www.redhat.com.edgekey.net.globalredir.akadns.net.
      ds-www.redhat.com.edgekey.net.globalredir.akadns.net. 3600 IN CNAME e3396.dscx.akamaiedge.net.
      e3396.dscx.akamaiedge.net. 20	IN	A
  • Get response from specific nameserver.
    • dig @namserver_address domain_url: dig @ns2.redhat.com. www.redhat.com
  • Get reverse dns i.e. get record from given ip.
    • dig -x @nameserver_address ip_addr: dig -x @ns.homebox.in OR
    • dig -x ip_addr: dig -x

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