doctl command snippets

December 17, 2018

Doctl is command-line utility like aws cli to manage resources in digitalocean.

Installation instructions:

Getting started:

DOCTL cheatsheet.


  • List all the droplet:
    doctl compute droplet list
  • List all droplet with test:
    doctl compute droplet list 'test*
  • List all distribution images available:
    doctl compute image list-distribution
  • Use Slug name to create droplet.

  • List all regions :
    doctl compute region list
  • List ssh keys :
    doctl compute ssh-key list


  • Ssh keys :
    doctl compute ssh-key create sumit-mbp --public-key="<ssh-public-key>"
  • Tag :
    doctl compute tag create <tag-name>
    doctl compute tag create sumit
  • Droplet :
doctl compute droplet create sumit-master-1 --size 512mb --image ubuntu-16-04-x64 --region blr1 --ssh-keys 22432270 --tag-name sumit

doctl compute droplet create sumit-master-2 --size 4gb --image ubuntu-16-04-x64 --region blr1 --ssh-keys 22432270 --enable-private-networking --tag-name sumit
  • Load-balancer:
doctl compute load-balancer create --name sumit-master-lb --region blr1 --forwarding-rules entry_protocol:tcp,entry_port:5521,target_protocol:tcp,target_port:8443 --tag-name sumit
  • Delete compute:
doctl compute droplet delete test-sumit

doctl compute droplet delete sumit-master-0 sumit-master-1 sumit-master-2 sumit-worker-1

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