TCPDUMP minimal tutorial

August 25, 2017

From the man page: tcpdump - dump traffic on a network

Basic use cases would be:

  • Check if packets are coming from specific host
    • sudo tcpdump -t -A -s0 src host -i eth0
    • -t : Doesn’t show any timestamp.
    • -A : Show the packet data in ASCII
    • -s0: Will show the the whole packet(headers and body)
    • -i : Listen to data on given interfaces.
      • List all intefaces available:
        • tcpdump -D or tcpdump--list-interfaces or
        • ip link show or
        • netstat -i
  • Check if packets are coming from specific network
    • sudo tcpdump -t -s0 src net -i eth0
  • View packet’s you’re receiving at 22 port:
    • sudo tcpdump -t -A -s0 port 22 -i eth0
    • or sudo tcpdump -t -A -s0 src port 22 -i eth0
  • View packet’s with destination port of 80:
    • Packets you are sending to some machine at 80 port
    • sudo tcpdump -t -A -s0 dst port 80 -i wlan0
  • Capture any packets with destination IP and destination port 80. Display IP addresses and port numbers:
    • tcpdump -n "dst host and dst port 80" -i wlan0
  • Dump the network packets captured to file.
    • sudo tcpdump -t -A -s0 src net -i eth0 -v -w packets.cap
  • Read those dump you’ve captured.
    • tcpdump -r packets.cap



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