Linux User/Group managment utilites

September 16, 2017

All the below operation use /etc/login.defs configuration file for creating user, home dir and other, It’s part of shadow password suite.

  • Add user to system : useradd user_name
  • Create user without home-directory : useradd -M user-name
  • Create user but not create group with same user-name: useradd -N user_name
    • It will not create group with same as user-name while creting new user.
  • Create user with specific shell on login : useradd -s /bin/bash user-name
  • Create user with specific user-id and group-id : useradd -u 123 -g 133 user-name
    • -u for user-id.
    • -g for group-id.
  • Create user with specific shell, specific home directory, some comments, specific user-id
  • useradd -m -d /var/www/home-dir -s /usr/sbin/nologin -c "first last" -u 1019 avishek
    • -c : Sort description of the login, usually used to write user’s full name.
    • -m : Create home-dir if doesn’t exist.
    • -d : Home directory path
  • Add user to multiple groups: useradd -G group1,group2 user-name
  • List the groups user is added to :
    • groups username or
    • cat /etc/groups grep username
  • List all the members of group :
    • members groupsname or
    • cat /etc/groups grep groupname


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