Why humans are different from other animals

August 20, 2017

Read this thought in the book “The GIRL who CHOSE” by Devdutt Pattanaik. He wrote –

Sita, her husband and her brother-in-law discovered in what ways animals are different from humans. Animals live by instinct. In order to survive, and to find food and mates, the strong use their strength and weak use their intelligence. They are programmed only to help their young, or other members of their own kind. Humans, however, can help anyone even strangers.

In the forest, there is no kindness( thoughts for others ) or cruelty( survivel of fittest/ruthlessness/way of nature ), no right or wrong or wrong or right - just the survival of the fittest.

Ram, Sita and Laskhman realized that humans use choices and rules to create a world where there is more kindness and less cruelty, more right(which we majority of humans believe till now) and less wrong.

Few things that I need to think, I used to think humans are no different, no high no low, we’re just species like all others species on planet, but his thought does make sense too. We can do that unlike other animals. We see once-in-a-while example where a tiger shown kindess or love(care) towards his food or other species, but humans have every now and then show love to animals, but might be because we’re in abudance.

It’s like rich(who have sense of safety) has think for others things because their basic needs are taken care of, but poor can’t because if they’re hungry, only thing that hungry guy can think of is food, morality and other things go out of line and so does care. Many contradictory thought coming in mind, but for now will take a break will come with some other frame of mind and update it.

Few more points from the book

  • Ram tried to follow the rule and have to live jungle leaving his palace(a comfortable place). He made a choice, which didn’t went easy for him.
  • He tried to follow the king’s dharama(duty), he has to let his wife(love) go.
  • Sita chose to cross Lakshman’s line to feed a hungry man and ended up being kidnapped. Should she have followed the rules and stayed within the line?
  • The Ramayana thus shows that it is not easy to chooose, just as it can be very difficult to follow rules.
  • All choices have consequences.
  • Every action is choice ; Every choice has consequences; Some are good, some are bad.

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